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What's New:
  • Park Washroom Winterization

    Some flush toilet washrooms in Regional Parks will be closed during winter months.

  • November 28th Deadline

    That's the last curbside yard waste collection until next spring.

  • Fireworks Not Allowed

    The sale and setting off of fireworks is not allowed anywhere within the Central Okanagan.

  • This Year Compost Your Pumpkin

    It's a great nitrogen rich source for your compost and garden.

  • Advance Polls for Central Okanagan West

    Two locations and two advance polling dates are planned for Central Okanagan West Electoral Area voters.

  • Halloween Dog Safety

    Take some simple steps to protect your dog from distress during Halloween


  • Walkway Construction Underway

    Until mid-December, a new walkway will be added along the north breakwater at Okanagan Centre Safe Harbour Regional Park.

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