Letters Patent for the Regional District of Central Okanagan

Regional Districts are a unique form of local government in the Province of British Columbia. They provide governance and the delivery of services on a region-wide basis; a political and administrative framework for participatory services and the ability to recover costs from areas receiving those services. They are the 'local' government for residents and property owners in unincorporated rural areas.

( Provincial Government Primer on Regional Districts) 

From time to time, you may hear the words 'Letters Patent' mentioned. Letters Patent are the basic rules, approved by the Provincial Government (Lieutenant Governor in Council or Cabinet), that incorporate the regional district and its electoral areas by name and defined boundaries. The Letters Patent also outline the voting units for the regional district, determining how many directors are appointed from member municipalities and how many votes the directors have when an issue discussed by the regional board calls for a weighted vote. The Letters Patent set out the political and administrative framework for the delivery of services with the regional district's defined geographical boundary. 

During the mid to late 60's, Regional Districts were also given the responsibility for regional hospital capital financing in order to reduce inequities that were developing throughout the province. 

In the early 70's, the Province created the Municipal Finance Authority creating through regional districts, the opportunity for local governments to pool their assets and borrowing requests in order to obtain reduced borrowing costs in the marketplace.


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