Central Okanagan East

This electoral area encompasses the mostly rural, unincorporated area on the east side of Okanagan Lake, outside the municipal boundaries of the City of Kelowna and District of Lake Country.  (Map)

There are a number of communities within the Electoral Area including Ellison, Joe Rich and neighbourhoods along the south end of Lakeshore Road and June Springs.

Land use in the Joe Rich area is regulated by the Joe Rich Rural Land Use Bylaw and the remainder of the Electoral Area is regulated by the RDCO Zoning Bylaw, which is supplemented by the South Slopes Official Community Plan and Ellison Official Community Plan.

There are also two Fire Protection Areas with paid on call fire services provided by the Ellison Fire Department and Joe Rich Fire Rescue Department.

Area Information

Electoral Area News


Area Size:  127,109 hectares

Population:  3,824 (2016 Census)

Electoral Area Director:  Mark Bartyik - Email - 250-808-3715

Local Services and Estimated Tax Requisition and Rates (2020 Financial Plan)

2018 Economic Profile - Central Okanagan Economic Development Commission

Electoral Area Community Parks: 

  • Scotty Creek - playground / multi-sport surface
    • during winter months public ice rink is available weather permitting. For the status of the rink, conditions and other information please call 250-469-6300
    • Please note in response to the COVID pandemic, Interior Health and Provincial health and safety guidelines currently prohibit the operation of this outdoor rink.  Should health orders change, RDCO will evaluate potential operation. 
  • Philpott Trail (closed due to 2017 wildfire - fuel mitigation work scheduled weather permitting)
  • Lakeshore Road Lake Access
  • Dave’s Creek Corridor
  • Three Forks
  • Joe Rich Community Park (next to Joe Rich Community Hall) - playground / sports box / picnic area
    • during winter months public ice rink is available weather permitting. For the status of the rink, conditions and other information please call 250-469-6300.  
    • Please note in response to the COVID pandemic, Interior Health and Provincial health and safety guidelines currently prohibit the operation of this outdoor rink.  Should health orders change, RDCO will evaluate potential operation.

Community Halls:  

Water Systems

Provincial Amenities


The Regional District is not responsible for issues regarding roads in the Central Okanagan East Electoral Area.  The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure has jurisdiction over public roads within the Regional District.

If you have concerns about road conditions, plowing and sanding or general maintenance, please call your highways maintenance contractor:  AIM Roads at 1-866-222-4204 or email aimroads@acciona.ca.


When a meeting begins a Live Video link will be available for that meeting in the Upcoming Meeting agenda section of the RDCO website.  When available a link to the Video recording will be posted in the Past Meetings section for the individual meeting date.  Links at rdco.com/agenda


Electoral Area News

Regional Septage disposal rate adjustment (April 8 Regional Board meeting)

The Regional Board has adopted an updated bylaw for the disposal of septic tank effluent in the Central Okanagan.  A new basic rate of $52 per cubic meter has been set for treatment at the Regional Septage facility in the District of Lake Country.  This previous rate of $47.27 was established six years ago.  The updated septic effluent disposal fee addresses increases in fees for treatment of biosolids generated by the plant at the City of Kelowna Regional Compost facility.

Waste Reduction work plan initiatives

The Regional Board has received a detailed presentation and information regarding the status of and initiatives planned by staff with the Waste Reduction Office.  The Board supports the initiatives and timelines for the program from 2021-2023 as identified by the Solid Waste Management Plan.

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2021-2025 Financial Plan adopted (March 29 Regional Board meeting)

The Regional Board has adopted its 2021 - 2025 Financial Plan bylaw. The budget bylaw was drafted considering the realities of COVID-19 and addresses the ongoing challenges presented by the pandemic.  It also advances projects based on the four Strategic priority areas of the Regional Board: Environment, Economic Development, Sustainable Communities, Transportation and Infrastructure. The 2021 operating budget totals just over $56.8-million compared with $57-million in 2020. This year an estimated $18.7-million will be spent on important capital and infrastructure projects. The details may be viewed online at: rdco.com/budgets.

Regional Hospital District Budget approved

The Central Okanagan Regional Hospital District Board has adopted its 2021 – 2025 Financial Plan. It is based on priorities identified by Interior Health and in light of the challenges presented by the pandemic, underscores the importance of health care across the region. In order to build financial reserves and reduce the potential need for debt financing for several potential capital projects over the next ten years, the Board has agreed to annual four per cent increases over the next five years. In 2021, the average residential home assessed at $751,500 will contribute $196.49 towards capital improvements and new health equipment in the Central Okanagan. The 2021 budget includes $10.2-million for new health-related capital project funding.

Community Works Fund approval

The Regional Board has approved the use of Canada Gas Tax Community Works Funds for new projects totalling $394,646 in the Electoral Areas this year. In the Central Okanagan East Electoral Area, $170,000 is allocated for projects including exterior upgrades at the Ellison Heritage and Joe Rich Community Halls, improvements at Three Forks Community Park and for a water supply intake and intake restoration at the Falcon Ridge water system.

Community Emergency Fund Applications

The Regional Board has approved submission of two applications for funding under the Community Emergency Preparedness Fund administered by the Union of BC Municipalities.

Planning Applications Considered

The Regional Board has considered the following planning applications:

  • Support for Agricultural Land Commission Application (A-21-01) at 2570 Old Vernon Road (A & J Wright, owners) – to obtain Land Commission approval for a Non-Adhering Residential Use to construct a second accessory home on land within the Agricultural Land Reserve.
  • First reading for Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 871-266 (Application Z21/01) for 5060 Whelan Road (L & D Ketler, owners) to consider a site-specific amendment to permit an accessory home that does not meet the minimum parcel area for use. A Public Hearing will be scheduled and advertised pending the applicant meeting a number of conditions.

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Regional Board observances (March 11 Regional Board meeting)

The Regional Board recognized the National Day of Observance to remember the lives lost in the past year to the COVID pandemic and their grieving family and friends.  Chair Given also thanked essential service workers for their efforts and encouraged all Central Okanagan residents to continue to follow health and safety guidelines.

The Board also provided its condolences to the family of former School District 23 Board Chair and Trustee Rolli Cacchioni on his recent passing.  As a long-time educator and community leader he touched so many lives.

Financial Plan budget update

The Regional Board has approved including two additional funding requests in the proposed 2021-2025 Financial Plan.  The first adds $40,000 to the Regional Air Quality Program budget in order to better serve orchardists and significantly reducing the Agricultural Wood Chipping Program backlog.  The second addition will see $50,000 allocated from the RDCO feasibility service fund for a study to consider establishing a Regional First Nations Engagement Service.  It’s envisioned this would further reconciliation efforts while enhancing and building on the RDCO’s strong working relationships with First Nations in the Okanagan.

Scenic Canyon Parkland Exchange Bylaw

 The Regional Board has adopted the Scenic Canyon Parkland Exchange Bylaw No. 1473 following a successful Alternative Approval Process.  The bylaw outlines the terms of an exchange of land between the Regional District and a private property owner affecting the Regional Park.  The RDCO will acquire approximately ten hectares of new park land and a .86-hectare Statutory Right of Way to provide for future trail and park connections between Scenic Canyon, the Mission Creek Greenway and City of Kelowna parks and trails.  In addition, the Regional District will receive approximately $454,000 in net compensation for the difference in the land valuation.  In exchange, the Regional District will transfer 8.67-hectares of land in the park to the property owner. The Alternative Approval Process required 20,598 electors to submit response forms to prevent the bylaw from being adopted without first holding a referendum.  Two electors submitted forms in opposition.

Regional Parks conservation covenant

The Regional Board has authorized approval of a covenant for just over 125-hectares in Black Mountain - sntsk‘il’ntən Regional Park.  The covenant with the Central Okanagan Land Trust will strengthen the long-standing partnership with the RDCO and allow the organization to contribute $15,000 towards the original purchase of two properties within the Regional Park.  The Board agreed to proceed with the covenant after consulting with Westbank First Nation.

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Updated Board Strategic Priorities Plan (February 22 Regional Board meeting)

The Regional Board has approved an update to its 2019 – 2022 Strategic Priorities Plan.  As many of the initial work priorities from 2019 have been accomplished, the revised document adds new measures of success and work to be completed before 2022.  The plan outlines Board priorities in four key areas:

  • Environment
  • Economic Development
  • Sustainable Communities
  • Transportation and Mobility

Regional Parks Partnership Program

The Regional Board has approved the introduction of a formalized Friends of the RDCO Regional Parks Partnership program.  While Parks Services has had a long-standing successful history of working with Friends of Regional Parks groups and community partners, this new program creates a formal framework for working relationships with these groups.  As well, it includes implementing an annual Friends of RDCO Regional Parks Capacity Building Grant program.

Okanagan Regional Library Branch Funding

The Regional Board has received a presentation from the Okanagan Regional Library (ORL) regarding funding for a new branch for the City of West Kelowna.  The ORL and city have a formal partnership to construct a new facility, replacing the current older branch.  RDCO staff will work with the Library to draft required borrowing bylaws and use of the Alternative Approval Process to confirm elector support for proposed long-term funding through the Municipal Finance Authority.

Parks Crown Land Lease and Foreshore Crown Licenses of Occupation Renewals

The Regional Board has approved renewing Crown Land Leases for Mission Creek and Rose Valley Regional Parks.  Each lease renewal is for 30-years with the same terms and conditions as the previous leases.

The Regional Board has approved renewing Provincial Foreshore Crown Licenses of Occupation seven RDCO waterfront parks.  Each foreshore license is for 30-years under the same terms and conditions for the following parks:

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