There are many opportunities to provide input to the Regional District.  Sometimes, people or those representing organizations wish to make a formal appearance before the Regional Board or Committee as a delegation in order to address issues they consider important to the community. 

Before taking the step to make a formal request to appear before the Regional Board, it's suggested citizens first discuss the issue with Regional District staff.  They are often able to provide valuable background and perhaps recommend the appropriate next steps without having to go to the Board and ensure that the concern is within the jurisdiction of the Regional District.  If the subject is one that requires Board attention, staff can also help with information that will ensure a meaningful and constructive interaction.

Those wishing to appear before the Regional Board or Committee as a delegation should refer to the Regional District of Central Okanagan Delegation/Presentation Policy.  It outlines the requirements and expectations of any delegation or presentation to the Regional Board including: 

  • Requests for a delegation will be reviewed by the Corporate Officer and if approved, will be scheduled for the appropriate meeting.
  • You will be contacted to confirm the scheduled date and time of your delegation.
  • If approved, please forward any supporting documentation for publication in the Agenda no later than the Tuesday, of the week prior to the Board or Committee meeting at which you will be appearing.
  • Delegations are limited to a maximum of ten minutes, regardless of the number of representatives wishing to speak.
  • Delegations are not to appear for the sole purpose of promoting an individual business.
  • Delegations previously appearing on a subject matter are to provide new information only in any subsequent presentation relating to the matter.

Formalities During Board or Committee Meetings

The following information is provided to assist those appearing as a delegation when preparing to address Board or Committee members:

  • The Chair will invite delegations to the speakers podium to make their presentation.
  • Comments at the Board meeting should be directed to the Chair.
  • Before making your comments please turn on the microphone at the podium, introduce yourself - clearly stating your name and address.
  • Please speak directly into the microphone (when available) to be clearly heard.  Please be aware that Board and Committee meetings may be recorded.
  • The Chair may be referred to as 'Mr. Chair' or 'Madam Chair' and other Board members as 'Director'.
  • The Chair and Directors may ask questions of the delegation, as well as Regional District staff.
  • Be aware that comments on some issues may be restricted by legal requirements or policy.
  • At the close of the delegation, the Board may make a decision or refer the item to the appropriate department for further action, input or advice.

If you have any questions about the delegation process please contact the Corporate Services Department at 250-763-4918.


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