Noxious Insect Control Bylaw

Coddling Moth

Regional District of Central Okanagan Bylaw No. 879 and City of Kelowna Bylaw No. 8564 are the bylaws requiring the prevention and control of noxious or destructive insects and pests.

Bylaw No. 879 applies to all Regional District of Central Okanagan Electoral Areas, the District of Lake Country and District of Peachland. Bylaw No. 8564 applies to the City of Kelowna. Enforcement is carried out by one full time and one part time, Bylaw Enforcement Officer.  

Did You Know:

...The Elm Seed or 'Tuxedo' bug may be a nuisance, but isn't a public threat 

...One little cherry fruit fly maggot can ban fruit from being marketed from a grower for the rest of the season.

...Mature codling moth larvae can remain as a cocoon under the bark for two to three years.

Noxious or destructive insects or pests include:

  • Codling moth Cydial pomonella (L.)
  • Western cherry fruit fly Rhagoletis indifferens Curran
  • Black cherry fruit fly Rhagoletis fausta (O.S.)
  • Fruit tree leafroller Archips argyrospila (Wlk.)
  • European leafroller Archips rosana (L.)
  • Obliquebanded leafroller Choristoneura rosaceana (Harr.)
  • Threelined leafroller Pandemis limitata (Rob.)
  • Plum Curculio  Conotrachelus nenuphar

For the complete list of noxious insects, pests and diseases please consult the Consolidated Noxious Insect and Pest Infestation Control Bylaw No. 879.  For detailed information please contact the Noxious Insect Bylaw Office.

Click here to link to the City of Kelowna Bylaw No. 8564

Please note:  The Western Pine Beetle is not on the Noxious Insect list.  For information on identifying this pest check this Information Sheet.

How to Register a Complaint

  • Email -
  • Telephone - (250) 469-6218 (Inspector's 24 hour voice mail).
  • It is helpful if you include any or all of the following:
    • civic address or best detailed description of problem location
    • any owner or occupier information (if known)
    • your specific concern
    • your name, address and phone number, so the inspector can contact you for further information (not mandatory, but helpful and is not given out)

Please note that the bylaw is not enforced pro-actively. Your concerns or complaints must be reported to initiate enforcement.

Other Legislation and Resources:


THE MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE, FOOD AND FISHERIES provides a comprehensive web site to help you identify, prevent and control noxious insects. You may also check with your local garden center/nursery/qualified professional for procedures that are recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture and the tree fruit, forestry or horticultural industries as responsible methods of controlling specific pests.

Click here to link to information on TREE FRUIT INSECT PESTS AND DISEASES


THE STERILE INSECT RELEASE (SIR) PROGRAM is a regional initiative to control codling moth in apples, pears, crabapples and quince. Contact SIR for details, identification and control techniques.
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