If you wish to make a complaint about a dog in your area you may contact our office from Monday thru Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (closed statutory holidays).

Please read the following first:

If our office is closed and you are reporting a seriously injured stray dog or a dog that is currently at large AND attacking ONLY, call our emergency line at 250-979-0925.

If you are calling to report a lost or found dog, you can report it during our regular business hours to the Dog Pound at (250) 469-6284.


When you file a complaint with us, your personal information is kept confidential and is not revealed to the dog owner, pursuant to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. It is important for us to have your information on file to give validity to the complaint and to assist our officers in effectively dealing with your concerns.  Anonymous complaints will not be taken.

The exception to this confidentiality is if there is court action as a result of your complaint. In this case, the accused is entitled to full disclosure of the file for the purpose of preparing his/her defence. Then personal information must be revealed along with the officer's notes and findings to the accused or his/her counsel as required by law.  Staff will always discuss this with you in advance.


The Regional District Bylaw Enforcement Team acknowledges excessive barking noise can impact the quality of life of residents.

Staff will generate an enforcement file once the following information is provided:

1. Your name, address and daytime contact information. We do not accept anonymous reports.
2. The physical address of where the dog has been observed barking. Please include whether it is in the back, front or side yard or in the house.
3. A description of the dog – color, breed, size (if known). If the dog cannot be seen, it would be helpful to note whether the barking belongs to a smaller or larger breed.
4. The name of dog owners and/or dog (if known).
5. Anything that stands out about the dog’s yard or house, so, we can assure the dog owners we have the correct enforcement address.
6. A bark log kept recording incidents over a 3-5 day period unless there are extenuating circumstances in which case the process may be accelerated.  

The standard for excessive barking is 5 minutes or more of continual barking or 15 minutes or more of sporadic barking as per Section 29 of the Responsible Dog Ownership Bylaw 1343.

If you know of other neighbors who complain about excessive barking, you are encouraged to have them also contact Dog Control with their concerns. Often more than one complainant is required to move forward with enforcement action.

Once you have compiled the necessary information and submitted the online bark log form, a return email from Dog Control will confirm receipt of your submission while providing your enforcement file number. 

Your information and your identity will be kept strictly confidential.

An enforcement file will be created in priority order and assigned to an officer who will make contact with the dog owner to address the barking dog complaint.

For best results, it is essential for you to continue to monitor the matter for several days to provide feedback to the officer as to whether the situation is better, worse or the same. This will enable the officer to continue to work toward a satisfactory solution on your behalf.

Should you have any questions or concerns or want to update the status of the barking during this process, please contact the officer for clarification at 250-469-6284.

Finally, an officer will contact you to advise when the enforcement file is concluded.

Should a fine be issued (Section 29 - $100 Regional District of Central Okanagan Responsible Dog Ownership Bylaw No. 1343) and the dog owner disputes the ticket it may proceed to Adjudication. Experience has shown that Adjudicators rely on more than one complainant’s testimony/witness statements to ensure this is not a neighbor to neighbor dispute


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