Election and Referenda

In the Province of B.C., Local Government Elections are held every four years on the third Saturday of October.

The next scheduled General Local Government Elections are set for Saturday, October 15th 2022.

Local governments include the Regional District, School District and Municipalities. 

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Frequently Asked Questions about Local Government Elections

The Central Okanagan East and Central Okanagan West Electoral Areas each have one elected Director on the Regional Board. 

Directors from four local government partners are appointed to the Regional Board based on population.  The City of Kelowna appoints seven Directors, the City of West Kelowna appoints two Directors and the District of Lake Country and the District of Peachland each appoint one Director from those people elected to their individual Councils.

You may view the results of the Local Government Elections held in the Central Okanagan on this link to Past Results.

From time to time the Regional Board may determine a Referendum should be held.  If so, information on that will be posted on the Referendum page

Should a By-election be required, information on that will also be posted here.

The Regional Board may also determine that the Alternative Approval Process be used to gain the approval of  electors.  Follow this link to an Information Sheet on the Alternative Approval Process.

You may contact the following Election officials for the Regional District of Central Okanagan.

The Government of B.C. has information and documents available regarding Local Government Elections.

Link to the Local Government Act


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