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When can I vote?

General Voting Day is Saturday, October 20th in 2018.

Voting places will be open between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m.

Advance Voting will be held on Wednesday, October 10th and Tuesday, October 16th at locations in the Central Okanagan East Electoral Area and Central Okanagan West Electoral Area.  They are available on our Where To Vote? page.

Any qualified elector may vote at an advance voting opportunity.   

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Where can I vote? 

The locations of all voting places on General Voting Day will be published in the media and are available on this web site (Where To Vote?). You can vote at the voting place of your choice, however, you may only vote once. 

The locations of all Advance Voting opportunities (Where To Vote?) and Special Voting Opportunities will be published in the media and posted on this web site once they are finalized.

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What to bring when you vote?

Resident Electors and Non-Resident Property Owners require two pieces of ID that prove who you are and where you live. One must have your signature on it. Please read on for details.

Resident Electors: (includes qualified voters who are residents, dependents and renters living within the Electoral Area Boundary and for the Central Okanagan West Electoral Area on WFN Reserves #9 and #10)

If you are eligible to vote (click here to go to the Who Can Vote page), Resident Electors MUST produce two pieces of identification to the election staff at the voting place in order to vote. The identification should prove both residency and identity and at least one piece must have your signature.

Acceptable identification includes two of the following, and at least one piece with your signature:

  • BC Driver's License
  • BC Identification Card
  • BC CardCard
  • Social Insurance Card
  • Any Government Issued ID
  • Vehicle Insurance Documents
  • Utility Bill
  • Credit Card
  • A Certificate of Indian Status
  • Birth Certificate

Voters will also be required to sign a Voting Book, declaring that they are qualified to vote.

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Non-Resident Property Electors 

At the voting place, you will be required to produce acceptable identification, as well as proof of ownership of the property in question.  If there are other owners of the property you must also have written consent (Consent Form) from a majority of the other owners on title designating you as the owner that will vote on their behalf.  Non-resident property electors no longer need a Property Elector Certificate to vote.

If you own property along with a corporation, then NONE OF THE OWNERS of the property is eligible to vote.

For more information about voting as a Non-Resident Property Elector, please contact the Chief Election Officer at 250-469-6224 or by email at


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What if I need assistance to vote?

If you are able to get to the voting place (for example, by car) but are unable to get inside the building, you may request that an election official bring you a ballot.  This is called "curbside voting".

If you are unable to mark your own ballot you may ask an election official, friend or relative to help you.

If you require a translator to interpret for you, you may bring someone along.

Note:  There will be additional authorization forms to sign for these procedures.

For more information please contact the Regional District of Central Okanagan Election officials: 


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Mail Ballot Voting Information?

One of the options for voters should there be an elecction is the use of a mail-in ballot. 

This option may be considered by people who expect to be absent from the jurisdiction and unable to vote in either the Advance or General Voting Day polls or by those people who may be unable to vote due to a physical disability, illness or injury that would otherwise prevent them from voting.

In order to vote by mail-in ballot, an elector must meet the same qualifications as any person voting at a polling station (Who Can Vote - Resident and Non-resident electors).

Electors and non-residents electors wishing to vote by mail-in ballot must complete and submit the application form (below) with their full name, residential address (or address of property owned if a non-resident elector) and outline whether they wish to pick up the ballot package in person from the Regional District of Central Okanagan office or receive it by regular mail. 

In order to be counted, electors using the mail-in ballot option must ensure the completed ballot is received by the Chief Election Officer no later than 8:00 pm on General Voting Day.

For more information please contact the Regional District of Central Okanagan Election officials: 

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