Emergency Support Services (ESS)

Emergency Support Services is welcoming new volunteers in Lake Country and Peachland!  Training is provided as the ESS Team members provide assistance to residents displaced by events like fires and large scale emergencies.  If you're interested please email eoc.ess@kelowna.ca


The Heart of Disaster Response

The ESS Program plays an important role in responding to emergencies in the Central Okanagan by:

  • helping people to remain independent and self-sufficient;
  • helping meet basic survival needs during a disaster;
  • reuniting family members separated by a disaster;
  • providing people with accurate, up to date information about the emergency;
  • helping people re-establish themselves as quickly as possible after a disaster, and
  • helping a community work through the recovery process.

The major tasks of ESS teams are:

  • recruiting and training volunteers and staff;
  • identifying facilities suitable for use as Reception Centres and Group Lodging;
  • establishing linkages with key local emergency responders and non-government disaster agencies, and
  • establishing relationships with local businesses and service organizations to supply goods and services during emergencies.  

What Do ESS Volunteers Do?

  • provide arrangements for temporary services to evacuees through pre-arranged community suppliers such as restaurants, grocery and clothing stores, hotels etc.;
  • provide for pre-arranged facilities to be adapted into a Reception Centre for a safe place where multiple evacuees can gather to receive information and assistance;
  • provide for pre-arranged facilities to be converted into Group Lodging in the event the community needs to offer lodging to a large number of evacuees;
  • provide Emergency Preparedness education to the public and community organizations.

The Regional District of Central Okanagan Emergency Support Services team relies on volunteers whose aid is invaluable in responding to the 'people' needs in any emergency in our community.  Through planning, training, mentorship and practice, our dedicated and compassionate ESS volunteers are at the ready to be deployed to provide short-term essential needs to those residents impacted in an emergency.  

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How to Reach Us

Emergency Support Services Director
Phone: (250) 215-1789 for volunteer and ESS member information
E mail:  eoc.ess@kelowna.ca 
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/ESSKelowna



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