Sunset Ranch




Annual Drinking Water Information

Size and number of connections

The system services approximately 285 active connections and 275 parcels in the service area.


The system is located approximately 2 km east of the Kelowna International Airport and within Central Okanagan East Electoral Area.


The Sunset Ranch Water System is sourced from two wells.

System Description

The Sunset Ranch Water System was constructed in stages beginning in 2002, has one reservoir and multiple pressure zones. See Service Area Map for more information. The water system utilizes a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system, which allows for remote system monitoring.


The method of treatment is chlorine disinfection. The water system currently meets all Canadian Standard Drinking Water Guidelines and Water Quality Advisories are rarely issued.


The water system includes the following reservoir:

  • Sunset Ranch Reservoir – 1,530 m3 three cell concrete reservoir.

Distribution system

The system includes approximately 7,700 metres of watermain.

Plans for Future Upgrades

No major upgrades are required or planned at this time.


The water system is owned and operated by the RDCO.

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