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Joe Rich Fire Department

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About Us

The Joe Rich community is a rural area within the unincorporated Central Okanagan East Electoral Area just outside the eastern boundary of Kelowna. It’s accessed via Highway 33.

Approximately 550 homes with an estimated 1,200 residents are sparsely spread throughout the fire protection area of some 50 square kilometres.

The forest makeup throughout the area is dominantly pine with the occasional pockets of fir, cedar, spruce and balsam. Its coniferous makeup includes alder, poplar and birch at an elevation between 2,000 to 3,000 feet.

Joe Rich is served by two fire stations: the original station 51 on Highway 33 and a second hall, station 52, on Goudie Road. Each hall meets the Fire Underwriters’ Survey level of 3B qualifying surrounding residents and their properties for insurance discounts.


Take a virtual tour of Stn. 51 - see some of the equipment your department members use

  • Outdoor Open Burning - Ends April 30 - View News Release

  • 2020 Annual Community Christmas Food Drive  - More than 1,600 pounds of food donations were collected along with over $1,600 in cash and cheques during this annual event on Sunday, November 22.  Thanks once again to all participating Joe Rich residents and their firefighters for generously supporting this food drive.
  • Joe Rich Fire celebrated its recently purchased engine (from members donations!) with a Wet Down Ceremony and 'Push In' on Sunday during the Father's Day Pancake Breakfast and Car Wash. The Wet Down Ceremony is a fire service tradition dating back to the late 1800’s, originating during the transition between hand-pump apparatus to the new mechanical pumps. The “Push-In” is for remembering the days when horse drawn fire engines had to be pushed back into their stations after a fire.

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Administration office – Station 51 - 11481 Highway 33

Non-emergency (250) 469-6179


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Outdoor Open Burning -

Outdoor Open Burning - Season Begins October 1 - View News Release

The outdoor burning season is regulated in the Central Okanagan East and Central Okanagan West Electoral Areas in part by the Regional Fire Prevention and Regulations Bylaw No. 1066 and the Smoke Control Bylaw No. 773.  Member municipal governments have similar regulations, which empower local fire chiefs to determine the open burning season. 

  • Depending on the fire hazard, season normally runs October 1st to April 30th throughout the Central Okanagan.

  • Only eligible property owners with a permit from their local fire authority will be allowed to burn after also ensuring compliance with the BC Open Burning Smoke Control Regulation and after phoning the Open Burning Hotline 1-855-262-2876 which will tell them whether venting and air quality permit burning that day.  On a day that burning is allowed, it's recommended burning begin later in the morning, as venting conditions are usually better after 10:00am.

Current Open Burning Status -  

Those with permits must call the Outdoor Burning Hotline 1-855-262-BURN (2876) before igniting burn piles to determine if outdoor burning is allowed.


Before ignitng any burn pile, residents with a valid permit from their local fire department are responsible to ensure their compliance with the BC Open Burning Smoke Control Regulation.  They are required to check the air quality conditions on the day that they want to burn. Conditions are updated daily at 8:00 am by calling 1-855-262-BURN (2876).



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