Health, Safety and Wellness

The Regional District of Central Okanagan (RDCO) believes in providing employees with a healthy and safe workplace. They and their families deserve the reassurance that the District is committed to preventing injuries and promoting a healthy workplace by keeping health and safety in the forefront of our day to day duties and activities, at work and at play.

The responsibility of achieving a safe and healthy work environment rests with each and every employee. Its with that guiding principle that the Regional District has implemented an Occupational Health and Safety Program. It is based on compliance with the safety requirements of WorkSafe BC.

The goal of the program is to eliminate all workplace injuries by:

  • Conducting risk assessments prior to the start of work so that workplace hazards may be properly identified
  • Implementing accident prevention safeguards to minimize or eliminate workplace hazards in all sectors of the RDCO
  • Ensuring a program of awareness and education is followed

The Human Resources Department plays an important role in the Occupational Health, Safety and Wellness of all Regional District employees by:

  • Overseeing compliance with WorkSafeBC regulations by administering the Regional District Health,Safety and Wellness Program
  • Coordinating the RDCO Joint Occupational Health, Safety and Wellness Committee
  • Working cooperatively and collaboratively with all departments to provide ongoing safety training for staff
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