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Leave the hustle and bustle of everyday life behind and escape to a Westside Park. Westside Parks consist of a unique array of Neighborhood, Community, Waterfront, Athletic, Linear and Open Space Parks. Some of the many recreational opportunities include swimming, volleyball, walking trails, playgrounds, tennis, soccer, softball and baseball. Discover the heritage of the Westside at the Gellatly Heritage Park or the Gellatly Nut Farm Regional Park.

Community Parks

Community Parks support passive functions that serve the entire community. Examples of these functions include urban plazas, institutional/cultural/historic facilities, places of community identity/gathering, beautification initiatives, public cemeteries and public tourism attractions.

Athletic Parks

The primary role of athletic parks is to accommodate outdoor recreation facilities (eg, athletic sportsfields, running track, tennis complex) that meet the communitys major needs for active recreation and organized outdoor sport. Large school sites can function as a community park provided adequate facilities are in place and there is a joint-use agreement.

Neighborhood Parks

Informal open spaces, playgrounds, passive recreation amenities and sportfields (though generally only singular and of a lower standard then community park facilities) to serve a specific neighborhood. In higher density neighborhoods the level of service and intensity of park development should, pending neighborhood consultation, be higher than in lower density neighborhoods. Smaller school sites can function as a neighborhood park provided adequate facilities are in place and there is a joint-use agreement.

Waterfront Parks

To provide access to and use of Okanagan Lake for residents of the entire Westside and/or for specific Westside neighborhoods. Waterfront parks support a range of uses (e.g., swimming, sunbathing, picnicking, walking, boat launching and passive recreation). Additional facilities may include playgrounds, washrooms, sport courts and on or off-street parking.

Open Space Parks

Natural open spaces have a variety of functions, including ecological conservation, environmental stewardship, management of hazardous areas (e.g. steep slopes) and view protection. Natural open spaces include those areas of public land in a relatively natural condition that provide the above functions but are not classified as one of the other types of park spaces.

Linear Parks

To provide off-road transportation linkages for pedestrians, cyclists and/or equestrians. Linear parks generally include developed and usable trails and pathways on public land, utility right-of-ways or road right-of-ways closed to vehicle access. Linear parks generally do not include sidewalks along developed roads or the trails and paths in other types of parks or open spaces.

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