Planning and Resources

Parks Services plans for park development, future parkland acquisitions and the protection and conservation of ecologically sensitive areas throughout the Central Okanagan. Various planning documents are necessary to provide a vision for what the future of a park looks like and to establish guidelines for the development and management of existing parks.


Current Initiatives

Mission Creek Regional Park Management Plan

 Parks Services is in the process of developing a new park management plan for Mission Creek Regional Park.

The plan will help us shape the future vision and park development for the next 20 years.

Information about the park management plan process and upcoming public engagement opportunities can be found on our Plan Our Parks page.

Major Capital Projects

 See the latest on our Parks Major Capital Projects

Parks Infrastructure Capital Needs Assessment and 20 year infrastructure capital plan

This guiding document will cover all 30 Regional Parks and set high-level capital project priorities.

Asset management of parks infrastructure will assist in annual budget planning, acquisition strategies, park improvement planning, and funding applications over the next 20 years. 

Regional park user metrics

Surveys and park user counts are being done on an ongoing basis to provide valuable metrics to the Parks Services department.

These metrics will assist with future planning of the parks, management of park assets, and assist Parks Services in meeting the needs of the community.

Stephens Coyote Ridge Regional Park Management Plan

Parks Services is in the process of creating a park management plan for Stephens Coyote Ridge Regional Park.

The plan will establish a vision for the future of the park and provide guidelines for staff for the management and development of the park.

Information on the development process can be followed as it unfolds on our Plan Our Parks page. 

Treehouse Forest Preschool Pilot Project (Woodhaven Nature Conservancy Regional Park)

In 2018, the Regional Board gave approval for Parks staff to explore the concept of an outdoor forest preschool in Woodhaven Regional Park. The 3-year pilot project is in partnership with the Clubhouse Child Care Center to provide the Treehouse Forest Preschool in the park.

In April 2019, the Regional Board approved a Memorandum of Understanding and a three year lease agreement with the Centre to operate the preschool.

An information session was held in March 2019 as an opportunity for the public to view the plans and talk to staff about this exciting new project. View the display panels from the open house below:

Additional information will be posted on this page as it is available.


Long-range Planning

Regional Parks Plan

The Regional Parks Plan establishes a framework for the overall direction of land acquisition, development, management and operation of the RDCO's Regional Park system over the next 20 years.

Regional Parks Plan

Central Okanagan Regional Parks Legacy program

The Central Okanagan Regional Parks Legacy Program outlines the direction for the future acquisition of Regional Parks from 2007 through 2017. 

It also identifies funding options, priority park land interests and a recommended action plan to facilitate implementation of the program.

Regional Park Legacy Plan 

Regional parks and Greenway Plan

The Regional Parks and Greenways Plan (2008 – 2020) guides staff and the Regional Board in appropriate financial resources and management approaches for seven priority program activities for future expansion and potential acquisition of regionally significant land .

Regional Parks and Greenways Plan (2008 - 2020)

Memorandum of Understanding for the Protection of cultural sites within regional parks

This Memorandum of Understanding between the Regional District and Westbank First Nation (WFN) recognizes that the land throughout the Central Okanagan has been used by the syilx Okanagan People since time immemorial. 

This document highlights the means to allow for future development projects within regional parks, while safeguarding the shared goals of protection, conservation and education of First Nation cultural sites within the parks.

RDCO - WFN Memorandum of Understanding

Regional Parks Design Guidelines

Created in 2015, the Regional Parks Design Guidelines provide the necessary resources to plan, build and maintain park infrastructure in a manner that is appropriate to the natural character of the parks and consistent with the branding of Regional Parks.

Design Guidelines


Management Plans

Black Mountain-sntsk'il'ntən Regional Park Management Plan

The Regional Board adopted the Management Plan for Black Mountain-sntsk‘il’ntən Regional Park in 2016.

The plan will help guide the Regional District over the next 20 years as it develops the 510-hectare geographic and cultural landmark. The plan also will help preserve the area's significant ecosystem and cultural values while providing opportunities for passive recreation, interpretation and connections to surrounding parks, linear trails and communities.

Management Plan

Goats Peak regional park management plan

The Regional Board adopted the Management Plan for Goats Peak Regional Park in 2016.  

The plan will help guide the Regional District over the next 20 years as it develops and manages the 52-hectare waterfront park in West Kelowna while preserving the area's significant ecosystem and cultural values.

Management Plan

Johns family nature conservancy regional park management plan

The Regional Board adopted the Management Plan for Johns Family Nature Conservancy Regional Park in 2014.

The plan will help guide the Regional District over ten years as it develops and manages the 406-hectare Regional Park while preserving the area along the south slopes as a nature conservancy.

Management Plan

Kalamoir Regional Park management plan

The Regional Board approved the Kalamoir Regional Park Management Plan in 2005 that was prepared after public consultation by a technical working group. 

The plan outlines various priorities for park improvement and plans for the protection of the sensitive environment within the park.

Management Plan

Woodhaven naure conservancy regional park management plan

The Regional Board has adopted a Management Plan for Woodhaven Nature Conservancy Regional Park in 2017. 

The 20-year plan will help guide development of the 29.8-hectare Regional Park that includes four unique ecological areas and several species at risk.

Management Plan


Partnerships and Stewardships

Central Okanagan Land Trust
Friends of Black Mountain
Friends of Mission Creek
Mission Creek Restoration Initiative
Okanagan Collaborative Conservation Program

Additional Plans 

Regional Parks Operational Wildfire Protection Plan

In February 2021, the Regional Board received an update to the Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) that was created in 2010 for Regional Parks.   Since the release of the 2010 plan, many of the fuel management initiatives identified have been completed.

The new plan contains 35 recommendations for fuel management, FireSmart initiatives, community education, park infrastructure and wildfire response in the regional park system. 

RDCO Parks Services received a $30,000 Community Resiliency Investment program grant to modernize the plan and will act on the recommendations in the coming years.


Urban forest health strategy

In March 2007, the Regional Board received an Urban Forest Health Strategy report prepared by B. A. Blackwell and Associates. 

The document identifies potential threats to the forested areas of the Regional Park system and recommends actions to reduce the impact, deal with the removal of wood waste materials and try to improve the overall health of the urban forest.

Urban Forest Health Strategy (5 MB, 181 pages).

gellatly nut farm regional park tree inventory and heritage orchard management plan

In January 2013, the Regional Board received the Gellatly Nut Farm Regional Park - Tree Inventory and Heritage Orchard Management Plan. A Tree Canada TD Green Streets Program grant of $15,000 was put towards this project.

B.A. Blackwell & Associates Ltd. completed the tree inventory and developed a heritage orchard management plan for the Gellatly Nut Farm Regional Park.  The resulting tree inventory included 516 orchard trees and 1,179 hazelnut shrubs, which consists of 12 distinct tree species and over 15 different cultivars. In addition, 190 native and other ornamental trees in the regional park were also inventoried.

The heritage orchard management plan will assist in future preservation efforts, development and operations of this unique collection of heritage nut trees.

Special thanks go out to project partners - Tree Canada, TD Friends of the Environment Foundation and the Gellatly Nut Farm Society.

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