What We Do

The Planning Section:
  • Develops land use policies that provide guidance to elected officials, developers, the public and other decision makers;
  • Puts land use plans and policies into action;
  • Ensures proper infrastructure and orderly development;
  • Evaluates applications and provides recommendations to decision makers;
  • Assists the public with land use regulations, applications, and processes;
  • Invites and responds to public comments.

There are a variety of tools that the Regional District uses to reflect the communities goals and objectives, and to regulate and evaluate land uses:

The Planning Section has several advisory committees and opportunities for public consultation.  The comments of residents are an important part of the planning process.  Use this link for an online Application Form.  Applications are welcome anytime from residents interested in serving as volunteer members of these Advisory Commissions.  

In its environmental planning, the Regional District reflects a commitment to protect and enhance the natural environment through land use planning, development regulations and public education.The Regional District carries out both Regional planning and Electoral area planning:

  • Regional Sustainability (including the municipalities and unincorporated electoral areas) involves issues related to the Central Okanagan as a whole such as water and air quality, growth and transportation.  
  • Electoral area planning includes the development of policies and the regulation of land uses within the unincorporated electoral areas.  View a map of the electoral areas.


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