Public Input Opportunities

The opinions and views of the general public are considered a very important part of the review of applications and the development of policies and plans. 

Public consultation is facilitated in a variety of ways: 


    The Regional District has several advisory commissions comprised of local people appointed by the Regional Board to provide comments on different issues in the electoral areas.

    Applications and bylaw amendments are referred to the appropriate advisory group and those comments are considered in any decisions that are made.

    The public and applicants are welcome to attend all advisory commission meetings.

    We welcome applications from those interested in possibly serving on our various Advisory Commissions. 

  • We are currently seeking members for:

    These are held for applications to change the Official Community Plan designation, Rural Land Use Bylaw (RLUB) or the zone on a property.  Public hearings are required by provincial legislation.  Notice is published in local newspapers and properties neighboring the site under application are individually notified by mail. A sign is also posted on the property under application.  Public Hearings are also noted on the RDCO website Calendar of Events.

    Link to more information on Public Hearings


    This is sought for temporary use permits and development variance permit applications. Although a formal public hearing is not held for these types of applications, there is advertising and notification so that local issues and comments contribute to the decision making process.

    Information on Public Input for the following applications:


    The Regional District also holds public meetings to obtain public input for important decisions regarding the development of plans or important policies. A wide variety of notification methods are used including newsletters, mail outs, questionnaires, and advertising in the mainstream media.

    The Regional District is committed to include the public in the processes we undertake and to be responsive to the issues and comments we receive.

Upcoming Public Hearing, Advisory Commission and general meeting dates are listed on the Calendar of Events.

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