Regional Growth Strategy - Your Home, Your Future

The Regional Growth Strategy (RGS) is a long-range planning tool to help Regional Districts and Local Governments plan a coordinated future for their communities while dealing with regional issues and decisions that cross local political boundaries.

Our Regional Vision

In order to protect quality of life, the Region is committed to working together. The RGS Vision Statement describes the ideal outcome for the Region, and sets out direction for the management of future growth with subsequent policies and actions for implementation.

Vision Statement

“The Central Okanagan is a region of urban and rural communities that are interconnected, distinct, healthy, vibrant and welcoming. The citizens, businesses, First Nations Councils and local governments understand and accept that they are individually and jointly responsible to effectively and efficiently manage the Region’s future growth that ensures the health and well-being of its residents. Together and from this time forward, the citizens and governments of the Central Okanagan will work in partnership to promote a complete healthy region with a sustainable and diversified economy that provides a range of economic opportunities while protecting the natural environment and water resources for today's and tomorrow’s residents.”

What's Next?

With the regional partners working cooperatively, the RGS outlines the following set of tasks on the implementation of the RGS:

1. Update OCP Regional Context Statements
2. Develop a Five-Year Action Plan
3. Explore Implementation Agreements
4. Prepare a Monitoring and Evaluation Program
5. Plan for Five-Year Reviews

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