Prevent Auto Crime

(from the Kelowna RCMP and Insurance Corporation of British Columbia)


Auto crime hurts a lot of people every year in British Columbia. The cost in claims alone total more than $150 million per year. Victims lost time, property replacement, vehicle rental, and insurance deductible add even more.

Take Some Tips From Us

  1. ALWAYS close windows and lock doors
  2. CHOOSE well-lit areas to park near pedestrian traffic
  3. INSTALL an anti-theft device, and advertise it with a window decal
  4. ENGRAVE your drivers license number on items like auto stereos and cell phones
  5. DISPLAY a sticker indicating your valuables are marked for identification
  6. REPORT any suspicious person around a vehicle to your local police
  7. LEAVE NOTHING in sight - absolutely nothing
  8. TAKE possessions with you
  9. REMOVE garage door opener


Prevention is the best way to lower auto crime costs. For your own protection, please secure your vehicle, night and day. Keep your spare key in your wallet, not on the vehicle and remove all your belongings.

  • Always lock your vehicles doors. (This reduces the time a thief has to work on the ignition).
  • Park in well-lit and well travelled areas. Keep your vehicle away from fencing or shrubs that could conceal a break-in.
  • Don't leave your keys in the ignition and dont keep spare keys in or on your vehicle.
  • If you park in a secured parking lot wait for the gate to close before proceeding


Next time you park look inside your vehicle and see what tempting items you've left in sight. Loose change, a shopping or sports bag, even an old coat can make your vehicle an easy target. And thieves always cause damage when they break into a vehicle. Think of the time it takes to make a claim and repair the damage. And if you make a claim you will have to pay the insurance deductable. Auto theft can happen to anyone at any time. And while in the hands of a thief, your vehicle is likely to lose its stereo, the contents of the glove compartment - even the seats. Remember if your car is stolen once it could easily happen again. Closing your windows and locking your doors is only the first step to prevention, Consider buying an anti-theft device. Check out our brochure How to Buy a Better Anti-theft device available at your local ICBC claim centre or participating retailer. 


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