Want to save your tax dollars and get free lawn and garden fertilizer in exchange for your efforts?
Wouldn't you prefer to see your garden grow instead of local landfills?

Composting is a great way to reduce your household waste by 30 to 50%, producing a soil enhancement for your garden and plants.

Composting uses nature’s own recycling system. With nothing fancier than fallen leaves and fruit and vegetable peelings, you can make rich, dark compost.

Backyard Composting
Worm Composting
Keep Rodents Out of your Composter

What About Food Waste?

Many residents wonder why we don’t have curbside food waste collection in the Central Okanagan. A full Life Cycle Assessment of Organic Waste Management Options study was completed in 2012 so we could determine the best method for managing not only food waste but all of our organics. Numerous options were evaluated against several criteria including social and environmental impacts, financial impacts and policy and adaptability.

The conclusion of the study noted that our current approach is the best approach. The current approach is to backyard compost food and yard waste, curbside collection and composting of yard waste, recycling all our paper products, composting biosolids and residual food waste going to landfill where landfill gas is collected and sold as a fuel source.

During the Solid Waste Management Plan review there was extensive discussion on food waste and a commitment to “re-evaluate organic waste diversion opportunities…“.  The RDCO Solid Waste Management Plan can be found here.

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