Yard Waste - Worm Composting

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Vermicomposting is simply composting with worms. Its another method of recycling food waste into rich, dark, earth-smelling soil conditioner.

Worm composting is ideal for apartment dwellers, classrooms, businesses, for those with limited mobility, and for anyone interested in year-round indoor composting.

Worm compost is made in a container filled with moist bedding and red wigglers. Add your food waste and the worms will turn the contents into rich compost. Red wigglers eat their weight in waste every two days!

The worms survive between temperatures of 13 degrees to 25 degrees Celsius. If they are outside it is important to keep them in the shade during the summer, and insulated during the winter.

What do I need to get started?

  1. Container 
    Wood and plastic containers work well and you can either build or buy. 

  2. Bedding
    You will need damp bedding for the worms to live in and for you to bury food waste in. Suitable bedding includes shredded newspaper, cardboard, leaves, straw, sawdust, compost or manure. It is important to moisten the bedding to about the wetness of a wrung-out sponge. In addition, covering the worms, bedding and food with a thick layer of shredded newspapers will prevent fruit flies from laying eggs and help prevent any odors.

  3. Worms
    You can purchase the worms suppliers found on the City Farmer site.

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