Why Go Paper Free?

The best way to manage waste is to simply not generate it in the first place. When you Precycle, you make decisions that will delay, reduce or eliminate the amount of material you consume and as a result the need to recycle or dispose of waste. Going Paper Free is one way to Precycle!   We have Seven Easy Steps to Go Paper Free .

Here are 4 great reasons to go Paper Free:

  1. Reduce Clutter and Get Organized 
    Imagine knowing exactly where your bills are stored or reading the paper online at any time that is convenient for you, without wading through stacks of paper cluttering your counter tops and coffee tables. Going paper free means you aren't handling a mountain of flyers, ads and bills. Reducing your paper also means that when it's time to find that permission slip for your child's school or the receipt for the newly purchased DVD player, that you will be able to find it because it's not lost in a pile of paper clutter.
  2. Free up Space in your Recycling Cart 
    Ever have one of those weeks where you just can't get all your recycling into your cart? Reducing the amount of paper coming into your home in the first place, will free up space in your recycling cart for when you need it.
  3. Reduce Use of Natural Resources 
    The obvious reason to go paper free is that it saves trees. Reducing paper at its source (i.e. not even generating the paper in the first place) can have a significant positive impact. For every 1000 lbs of paper reduced, it saves over 17 trees, not to mention all the fuel and energy saved by not harvesting those trees in the first place.
  4. Recycling Costs Money 
    Most households are doing a great job recycling all that paper delivered to the home but, recycling paper requires collection, transportation, and processing, all of which are very costly.

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How Much Paper is delivered to Homes in the Central Okanagan?

In the summer of 2012, 16 homes from Peachland to Lake Country volunteered to collect all the paper delivered to their home for an entire month, including newspapers, door hangers, flyers and everything in their mail box.  Print your own No Junk Mail Sign.

At the end of the month their paper was weighed and they were asked a series of questions regarding paper delivery to their home. The results were interesting.

For example, one home had over 24 lbs of paper delivered to the home. Another home had only 2.2 lbs for the entire month. This home with very little paper was reading their news online, receiving and paying bills on line, had removed their name from the Canadian Direct Marketing database and had a no junk mail sticker on their mail box. Wow, what a difference!! Over a year the Paper Free home will have reduced paper by over 260 lbs compared to the first home. On average, Central Okanagan homes are receiving just over 13 lbs of paper a month.

Paper Free vs Non-Paper FreeImagine how much paper could be reduced if every household took even a few steps to become Paper Free! We have Seven Easy Steps to Go Paper Free. You can try them all or just a few, it's up to you. We also have a list of other ways to reduce paper in your home here.



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